Trophy Manager, a free online soccer managerment game!


I have tried before two online soccer management program, Hattrick and Managerzone. I don't really like Hattrick, even though it is quite a popular online management soccer game with a long history. Managerzone was really cool, as you can really watch the match in 3D. It was really a great experience, and I climbed up the division of my country's league. Unfortunately, I was banned for a wrong reason. Subsequent email to the admin was useless. I lost interest in the whole online soccer managment thingy for quite a while.

Well recently I was playing the Official Fantasy Premier League with my friends, and I found the urge to play online soccer management again! I surf around the internet, and there are quite alot of options.  I found TrophyManager and like it immediately. The interface is very polish and FM-lish, unlike many of its competitors. I have only just started on the game, but so far, I highly recommend it. There is a good pool of Singapore players too, so you will feel at home immediately.

Go to TrophyManager now!
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