Binary Domain Problem


Problem 1: Configuration file not found

After installation i run the the game and this comes up - "Configuration file not found. Please run the configuration tool", i run the configuration file, and after i click to save settings the - error because of access denied to .savedata or something?


Try to run configuration tool as administrator

Problem 2 : Can't save game

Game doesn't seem to save, even after passing check point.


Run the game as administrator. (Run .exe as adminstrator)

Problem 3: Weird Controls

Can't switch the side arms. Mouse sensitivity is too much.


Check out the controls by running the configuration tool. Don't forget to run it as admin, if not the settings won't save. For the side arms issue, two of the weapons are assigned to '2'. Assign one of them to the vacant '3'. You can also try to update your game, where it'll give you a better default settings.

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