HTC Touch2, Best Non-camera Phone?

Check out this instead, no doubt the best non-camera phone available!

This is great news for people who works in sensitive places where camera phone is a prohibited item. While there are a few options of non-camera phones around, they are mostly simple and low-end. High-end non-camera phones such as Blackberry and HTC Snap, or the GSmart S1200 do exist. However, they are rather outdated as compared to the latest phone. Touchscreen non-camera phone is a rarity too. It is rather depressing to have a lousy phone while other people have the latest iPhone or HTC Andriod phone with glorious screen size. Unless you have 2 phones of course, which is very troublesome and expensive option.
With the HTC Touch2 non-camera edition, things are starting to look slightly better. With a high-quality finish design, you won't be overwhelmed by all the iPhones and big touchscreen phones. With HTC unique Touchflo software, you get a pretty interface that is extremely lacking in other non-camera phones. The 528MHz Qualcomm processor also ensures that the phone will run smoothly. Laggy non-camera smartphone is always an issue.

It is still rather outdated as compared to other HTC Andriods phone with its unique HTC Sense interface. Window mobile 6.5 also isn't the best mobile OS when concerning performance. However, it is still a miles ahead of other non-camera phones. I am confident that many people looking for a non-camera phone will no doubt take a look at the HTC Touch2.



Kelvin said...

Indeed! But still, the Touch2's pretty laggy - no?

- Kelvin / Non-camera iPhone 4

Cameraless Smartphones said...

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