Contacts from Window Messenger and Hotmail gone!

Worst thing that has happened to me. Fortunately, I have found the solution:

Contacts are missing in Hotmail Address Book and from Windows Live Messenger contact list is due to any of the following reasons:
        1.    Unauthorized person deleted the contact list
        2.   A malware spread through email may have caused your Address Book to be deleted


Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger shares the same Address Book. If contacts are removed from the Hotmail address book, then contacts will also be deleted from the Windows Live Messenger contact list.

 1. For missing contacts in Windows Live Hotmail Address Book, please submit your request here.
Please provide the following information in your request:
# The impacted Email Address (please note that the email address that you post will be only visible to moderators and not to public)
# Any three sample contacts that were deleted or missing. A moderator will verify the request and recover as many deleted contacts as possible and mail them to your email address.

 2. For missing contacts in Windows Live Messenger, follow the instructions below to retrieve back your Windows Live Messenger contact list
a. Sign in to Windows Live Messenger.
b. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click Privacy
Note: Press Alt on keyboard if Tools menu is missing on main Messenger window.
c. Select the contact from the Allow or Block list
d. Right-click the contact, and then click Add to contacts (to move the contact back to the contact list).
e. If the contact is on the Block list, select the contact then click on Allow button. Right-click the contact again, and then click Add to contacts (to move the contact back to the contact list).
f. Click OK
g. Sign out and sign back in to Windows Live Messenger and verify if your contacts are already on Messenger contact list.
 3. To prevent this issue from happening again, please change your password, alternate email and secret question and answer. To do this, follow the instructions below. 
a. Visit http://account.live.com and sign in using her email account and password.
b. Under Password Reset Information, click Change on the following:

                              1. Password
                              2. Question
                             3. Alternate e-mail
c. Click Save.

From http://www.windowslivehelp.com/solution.aspx?solutionid=5fd24940-e2ae-45ca-be20-18f75310da22

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