Have I finally found a way to earn passive income online?

Ever since the August promotion on Triond which promises 10% boost in Triond income for the month of August if you post 5 or more articles, I tried to crack my brain and think of 5 articles to write. I have been rather stagnant in Triond and has only been able to cash out once. Which is of course, quite an achievement for me! Other than pixprofit, I have never been able to cashout my income.

I do think that the August promotion is very cool. After all, a site like Triond needs new content everyday to survive. Such a promotion can encourage lazy users like me to write some stuff and submit. As a result, I have been earning quite abit this month and will be able to cashout for the second time! Hopefully my articles will allow me to earn more passive incomes for the time to come.

Come and join Triond now! 

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