Dota 2 Game decided in 8 minutes, Alliance vs Mouz - Game 2 (G-1 League - NA/EU Qualifier)

Flawless victory. I always loved NoTidehunter for their interesting and unconventional pick. Apart from Luna and SD, it was a pretty unconventional pick as opposed to Magnus, Rubick and Lifestealer. Axe in particular, is a crowd favorite, and I hope to see it more often in TI3.

[Spoiler Alert]

In game 2, The Alliance surprised their opponents with Axe and Dazzle as their last two picks, while the Germans opted for a more standard team centered on a tri-core of Magnus, Lifestealer and Weaver. The unorthodox play continued as The Alliance proceeded to ninja a level 1 Roshan on the strength of Luna's Lunar Blessing and Shadow Wave. 
With Aegis in hand, the Swedes followed up with an aggresive trilane of Loda on Axe with Shadow Demon and Dazzle to creep-skip agaisnt the defensive trilane of mouz. The potent Distruption into Shadow Wave combination helped Axe pick up first blood and The Alliance completely shut down the Lifestealer, Rubick and Jaikiro, forcing untimely rotations of Naix into the jungle and his supports to the top lane.

The Swedes rolled off this early momentum, dominating all of their lanes and getting multiple pickoffs with a 9 minute Mekansm, Energy Booster and Tranquil Boots on Loda to assert control over the game, leading in both gold and experience throughout the entire match. The Alliance eventually marched down bottom lane for their first set of barracks at 12 minutes and three minutes later, they proceeded to take both middle barracks with mouz offering little resistance to either push, ending the game with a 19-0 hero score for The Alliance. 

[Spoiler ends]

Looking forward to their match against NaVi later!


8-Bit Games

VIM Adventures

VIM Adventures is an online game based on VIM's keyboard shortcuts. It's the "Zelda meets text editing" game. So come have some fun and learn some VIM!


Mozilla's BrowserQuest

A MMORPG running on HTML 5.


Rushing & Pushing for updates

Recently, people are getting more and more impatient. On the Android scene, developers are always pressured to deliver the latest software after announcements or preview were released. I mean, naturally its normal for the consumer to crave for new software updates. But I think it is getting ridiculous. Like a child throwing tantrum.

I've seen so many consumers demanding for their new software updates the moment it has been announced. WHERE IS MY ICS? WHERE IS CM10? WHERE IS JELLY BEAN? I think developers are at a dilemma here. Of course, they would want to perfect their software before rolling out the updates, squashing bugs and tweaking performance. However, they also can't afford to be known for always being outdated and slow in their updates. For example, HTC was known for their fast (and relatively painless) updates. Recently, Samsung is gaining reputation for quickly rolling out ICS to their devices. Motorola on the other hand, seems backwards and takes forever to deliver their software updates.

This put alot of pressure on the developers. I've seen so many app updates & software updates broken and riddle with bugs. Both are on the losing end. Consumer gets broken product, while developer gets their reputation tarnish.

Should we as consumers be more patient? Or is it our right to push the developers? CM10 seems to be coming out soon. We shall see how good their software will be. It's a battle of Speed vs Reliability.


Thinking.. modules for next year

CS2105 Introduction to Computer Networks

CS2106 Introduction to Operating Systems

4MC / Examinable / 25% Lab

The module that I thought I would score very well due to my interest and confidence, but nope. :( This module is very very very content-heavy, with a LOT of information you must digest. The prof speaks like a lullaby, so be prepared to read the textbook (I read the pdf variant, sore eyes ><) The cheatsheet is gonna get spammed with a whole lot of information.
Lecture – As I’ve said, LULLABY. Read the textbook. The fact that each slide on the lecture notes consists of 1 word (I’m not kidding) doesn’t help at all – and he covers things at a different order than the textbook. Might want to watch the webcast.
Tutorial – My tutor was the lecturer, so naturally it was rather sleep-inducing; but he’s very knowledgeable and you can ask him for any clarifications/doubts. Need to pay attention to tutorial as the nifty details are important
Lab – There is almost no way you can get the absolute correct answers – unless your friend is a computer science expert, he will not get the perfect answers. Sometimes the lab assistant might be nice and give you the answers :D
The examination was a killer for me, I wasn’t sure of most of my answers. Plus, the lecturer is teaching this module for the first time for my year.
My grade: A-
My rating: Hard

From http://xianyou.wordpress.com/2010/12/30/nus-module-review-ay1011-semester-1/


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