Thinking.. modules for next year

CS2105 Introduction to Computer Networks

CS2106 Introduction to Operating Systems

4MC / Examinable / 25% Lab

The module that I thought I would score very well due to my interest and confidence, but nope. :( This module is very very very content-heavy, with a LOT of information you must digest. The prof speaks like a lullaby, so be prepared to read the textbook (I read the pdf variant, sore eyes ><) The cheatsheet is gonna get spammed with a whole lot of information.
Lecture – As I’ve said, LULLABY. Read the textbook. The fact that each slide on the lecture notes consists of 1 word (I’m not kidding) doesn’t help at all – and he covers things at a different order than the textbook. Might want to watch the webcast.
Tutorial – My tutor was the lecturer, so naturally it was rather sleep-inducing; but he’s very knowledgeable and you can ask him for any clarifications/doubts. Need to pay attention to tutorial as the nifty details are important
Lab – There is almost no way you can get the absolute correct answers – unless your friend is a computer science expert, he will not get the perfect answers. Sometimes the lab assistant might be nice and give you the answers :D
The examination was a killer for me, I wasn’t sure of most of my answers. Plus, the lecturer is teaching this module for the first time for my year.
My grade: A-
My rating: Hard

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