Printing in NUS SoC (Mac OSX 10.5)

Printing for MAC OS (Leopard - MAC ver 10.5)
  1. Click on the apple icon (fig 1) and select System Preference > Print & Fax.

    fig 1
  2. You will see fig 2.

    fig 2
  3. Click on the "+" sign.  The Add Printer dialog box (Fig 3) will appear.

    fig 3
  4. Press and hold the CTRL key and click on the menu bar as shown on fig 3.
  5. A drop-down menu-box will appear.  Click on the "Customize Toolbar...".  The toolbar customisation dialog as shown in Fig 4 will appear.

    fig 4
  6. Drag the Advance icon onto the menu bar (see arrow on fig 4).  Then click Done.
  7. The Advance icon is now accessible from the menu bar.  (see fig 5).

    fig 5
  8. Click on Advanced to see the advanced settings dialog box(Fig 6).

    fig 6
  9. Enter the fields in the advanced settings dialog box accordingly.
    Example --> URL:  smb://nts27.comp.nus.edu.sg/pstsc-dx (For student) or smb://nts09.comp.nus.edu.sg/pstsc-dx (For staff)
    Name: pstsc-dx
  10. Select the appropriate driver.  Select printer software -> Lexmark T642
  11. Then click Add.  Installable options dialog box (fig 7) will appear.

    fig 7
  12. Select the appropriate settings for installable options and Click Continue.  Note: if options differ from what is shown, choose the closest approximation.
  13. You will see the newly added printer in your Print & Fax window (fig 8).

    fig 8
  14. You are ready to print.
  15. When printing, you will be prompted to enter your NUSNETid and password.
    Example --> Name: NUSSTU\
    Password: *********

    fig 9
  16. You are done!

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