What is the best non-camera phone? The iPhone 4S!!

M1 non-camera iPhone

This will no doubt be the best non-camera phone, hands down. Finally, people who works in restricted area that doesn't allow can have a decent smartphone to be proud of. No longer do they need to content with Nokia Brickphone, or awkwardly slow smartphone.

NSF and Regulars in the Singapore Army will also be pleased.

Quoted from Asia Cnet Crave
According to the operator, the camera modules (front and back) are completely removed, not just covered, and "may not be reinstalled". The service has been certified by Singapore's Ministry of Defence (Mindef), which means they will be allowed in army installations in the island-state. This benefits both full-time soldiers and many Singaporean men who are required to fulfill two years of mandatory military service. M1 will issue a certificate with each non-camera iPhone that will identify it as being approved by Mindef.
No doubt they'll sell like hotcakes.

Via Asia Cnet Crave

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