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This is a surprising news from Creative. Creative, known for its expertise in sound, is going into the e-book reader market! It has been rather croweded, with the impressive Nook the latest in the market. According the epizenter, the Creative's e-book will harness videos, pictures, text and services in one device that supports a media-rich experience. I mean, that sounds more like a tablet than an e-book reader! It is interesting that epizenter mentioned how this can be a tipping point for Creative if they manage to pull some deals with the government of Singapore.

Here's why. Creative is not new to the educational business in Singapore. It produces eletronic dictionary, educational software which are approved by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. With the MediaBook, the furture of Singapore's education landscape could be very different with every student uses the MediaBook which replaces the traditional textbooks. With the Media Development Authority (MDA) naming Creative as a partner of its "FutureBooks" initiative, it means that Creative will get support in funding and introductions to potential content providers. And by positioning it as an all-in-one device, anyone could find a need for the MediaBook. Think of it as a ZEN Vision W up-sized with a touchscreen and SD slot.
If Creative manage to pull this off, and add loads of features to differentiate from other competitors, this can be a big achievement. Sounds like this Mediabook is less of a tablet, but way more than a conventional e-book reader. There may be a market that suits perfectly for the Mediabook.

All the best to Creative!

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