Red Cliff online Singapore.

I have a sneaky feeling that RCOnline will be a great success in Singapore. Many male Singaporean has grow up reading the "Romance of the Three Kingdom" through comics, simple story books or the various strategy game available. Many started to know about the "Romance of the three Kingdom" from Primary School.

With a catchy name of "Red Cliff" online, no doubt from that Chinese movie of the same name, it will certainly grab some attention here and there.

Judging from the features from its homepage, I guess this game needs a strong and passionate community for it to be a success. From the looks of it, there is certainly some specialty that differentiates it from other mmorpg. There are the Chinese weapons, the landscape and territory battle, which is rather symbolic since it is a war between Three Kingdom after all.

However, the graphics of the game looks only average at best, and improvement can be done on costumes etc. Just look at Granado Espada, a great example of a graphically attractive game. Go to here for more info!
Woa.. The legendary "War Fan" is also one of the 18 special weapons? That is alittle insane haha...

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