Newcastle United, my beloved club

Fabricio Coloccini v Cardiff

I have never been a club follower. There was David Beckham, Michael Owen (and still him!), but I have never idolize a club. Then came NUFC. Watching them playing was literally a pain to see. They have the talent, they have the potential, but the synergy is gone to the drain. It is just damn weird. And when I watch they win, adrenaline really rush through my body. Watching them play is really exciting in a different sense. Last minute tackle, eleven hour goal, playing with 6 defenders against Liverpool...

Now that they are in the second league, they can get rid of the baggage and start anew. That's a good thing. Although I hate to see Viduka, Martin, Duff and Owen and gang gone, there are still some good soul left in NUFC. Now, in my opinion they are still lacking synergy, but they are top of the table. With time, the team can rebuild, and Newcastle will be back again.

GO NEWCAStle!!!!

(Not to mention they have a really cool new jersey that looks like Inter lol!)

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