FFXIII CGI Characters awesome!


Really, Final Fantasy has the best CGI character. Their features are very unique, sort of a mix between east and west. Lightning is absolutely fantastic. Every expression she makes sort of tell you what kind of character she is. All that just from watching the trailer alone! Just looking at her makes me want to buy the game lol. Her sister, Serah Farron, makes me feel like buying a ps3 now woot. So cuteee!! I read from here that Lightning is sorta a female version of Cloud. Very cool indeed, although her weapon will never be as cool as Cloud's.
http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/finalfantasy/images/c/cc/Serah_Farron.pngLeft: Serah Farron, damn

Based on the trailer, the in-game graphics actually looks like a cgi movie. Hopefully that is true for the game. I doubt it will be like WoW, where the cgi movie is so different from the actual gameplay.

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