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CS3241 -  Computer Graphics

[CS3241] Computer Graphics (4 MC)
Instructor: Dr. Cheng Holun
Assessment: 45% Final Exam, 25% Mid-Term Exam, 20% Assignment, 10% Tutorial Attendance and Participation
Difficulty: 6/10
Grade Obtained: A

Initially, I felt a bit scared taking this module because I didn't really have much knowledge on graphics. But hey, this module really rocked, not forgetting the super dedicated lecturer who made each concept pretty easy to understand! Also, I got to enjoy video clips during lectures, and the lecturer would always prompt us to identify, make critical comments and appreciate the graphical techniques used in those clips. I guess the only difficult thing about the module was the need for independent learning, especially in doing the programming assignments.

Final exam was really do-able, as long as you know your stuff. The tricky part was the true/false questions which took 20% of the total score for the final exam. Every wrong answer would result in a -1 mark!


CS3241 - Computer Graphics - 4MC
This module is about creating computer graphics and animation. I did learn a lot about how animation, camera, and 3D stuffs are made during this module. A very fun module especially with the great lecturer Dr. Michael S. Brown. There are 2 'mini-exams' worth 20% each. 4 or 5 programming assignments worth 45% in total. And finally a small in class quiz worth 15%. I cannot say the programming was hard, in fact Dr. Brown gave us a few hint. The trick was in making the bells and whistles.

CS3241 – Computer Graphics – A

This was a module I really enjoyed this semester as well. The module teaches you basic computer graphics and coding using OpenGL. The lecturer is amazingly good and very passionate about teaching this module. He shows many short Pixar clips and other videos to show how computer graphics is in the real world. The module has lectures, tutorials and labs (tuts and labs are graded). The tutorials and labs were quite simple probably because many year 2 students were taking the module. The lab also has this component for creativity (arnd 20%) for which I consistently got 0… The midterm was also very simple having just basic mathematics and less of actual “graphics”. The second part of the lectures was more interesting as we moved on to lighting and texture mappings. Though some of the mathematics was a bit more complex, it was still easy compared to any other math module like MA1505… The labs are fun to do (not for me…) as they have the creativity part and the lecturer usually shows what the entire class has done during the lecture. The final exam was quite easy (mcqs, true or false and a few long answer questions). If you are well prepared for the exam, you can finish the paper in around 1.5 hrs and leave early


CS3241 (again!) April 5, 2011

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Was at the lab and happen to see donna samuel (yes a very unique name indeed) teaching a bunch of students CS3241. For some reason it brings backs fun memory of openGL coding, and i managed to cope from her the CS3241 collage.
I do wonder why i did not bother saving my batch’s collage, but here’s how the collage would look like.


CS4243 - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Credits: 4
Grade: A-
Comment: For almost every lecture the professor introduced around 2-3 long maths formulae/algorithms with many algebraic notations. For the project topic my team chooses 3D Reconstruction. My team did relatively fine - We reconstructed a 3D box, by manually selecting 2D points on photographs of a tissue-box. Ah well, you can see that even a level 4000 module's work quality isn't exactly amazing. The final exam was surprisingly manageable, perhaps thanks to the study guidelines he gave us in the final lecture. 

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