Software Engineering

CS2103 - Software Engineering (CFM)

CS2103 – Software Engineering
4MC / Examinable / 35% Project

This module is very concept-dependent; however I feel that they are easy to grasp. The final exam is also very similar to the tutorial questions – even the tutorial questions/practice questions are the past year questions. Also the project component is rather heavy, find good teammates to do it.

Lecture – Lecturer is very nice, but accent is rather hard to hear. Luckily the lecture notes are pretty detailed – I did not get the textbook even though the examination was openbook
Tutorial – My tutor was really nice, he gave us a lot of answers. Tutorial should not be too hard, make sure you get the correct answers (from the tutor) to not miss out important details.
Project – Very important portion, I had godlike teammates yet again, so I did pretty well. Make sure the workload is split pretty equally as they do give different members different grades based on their contributions (should one of your teammates decide to report, haha).

The exam is manageable, I would say.

My grade: A+ (yay!)
My rating: Medium

ContentYou learn about UML and the flow of Software Engineering process. The project itself is not easy, but if you meet a good TA, you are fine. And of course good project teammates, that time we did in a group of 4 ppl.

Teaching staff:Taught by Bimlesh Wadhwa and Damith Chatura Rajapakse. I find that Bimlesh talks in a way thatsounds quite unclear, esp when ending a sentence, i find difficult in listening to her lectures at times. Damith, a lecturer famous (or infamous) for his lame jokes, will get tired of it when you sign up for another module by him (eg. CS3215). My TA was Mihail Asavoae, a very helpful and understanding person. Less

Assessment and workloadMidterm: 15%; Project: 30% (3 report submission + 1 demo); Final exam: 55%. Make sure you don't just focus on the project, and forgot about study hard for your midterm/final. Final is very important, even if you get A for the project, if you don't do well for the final, it is easy for you to drop a few grades down.

Personal experienceIn this module, you learn a lot about Software Engineering, quite important for you if you are taking CS3215.

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