Artificial Intelligence

CS3243 - Intro to AI

Fun module in which you have a few projects to do.

Teaches search problems and basic AI methods like naive bayesian etc

Start on the projects early. My project was 2 parts, firstly to program a LEGO robot to navigate a maze and secondly to make it recognize numbers on the maze itself. Some groups did not manage to complete in time so this is where you can try to score better.

Do your assignments regularly and you should be ready for the final exam.

One of the most interesting modules I took in NUS. Teaches you how to create AI. 2 20% projects are tedious but definitely worth the effort. Just make me want to advance into AI field.

CS3244 - Machine Learning

Learnt quite a lot in this module. Although the prescribed textbook is old, but it teaches the fundamentals quite well.

Teaching staff:Prof. Tan Chew Lim is a good lecturer. Usually the class size is small (around 20), so it's pretty conducive to ask questions.

Assessment and workload2 Project reports (mainly playing with WEKA), which isn't too difficult. CA was mainly MCQ (might change though). Finals were manageable.

Personal experienceExpect to put in some effort, especially since there isn't webcast. But in general, this is quite a manageable and fun module.

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