Color, an app for iPhone and Android

This seems to be an interesting app. For first, it occupies a glorious domain, www.color.com
It will surely give alot of social voyeur and exhibitionist a field day with this app.

It is available on the iPhone now, and later on Android. and on Android too.

With 41 million dollars backing, it is surely an ambitious app. It is certainly a very interesting app, but I wonder will people really use it? Good thing the app is free in the first place!

 This is a description of the app on iTune appstore.


Use Color to take photos and videos with other people who have iPhones within 150 ft to create a group album.

For parties, play dates, lunch? You get their photos, they get yours. Share any album with Twitter and Facebook.

Color is a social network for your iPhone.

From Cnet and ibtimes

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