Insightful Alan Pardew interview from BBC

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You can also listen to the whole interview here @ BBC.

Pardew on Routledge > "I felt we was going to get a replacement. In hindsight, I'd like to have him

Pardew on N.Ranger > "Nile can be frustrating in training. He's unpredictable and can make an impact. He's got a lot to learn."

Pardew on MA > "There is no point in him paying me and my scouts to fly around the world if he isn't going to pay for players."

Pardew on MA > "He's a straight talker and feels like he's been outmaneuvered by the football trade. His SD factory is amazing"

Pardew on MA > "If I was a fan here, would I be jumping up and down about Mike Ashley? Probably not."

Pardew admits he got it "wrong" against Stoke. "Hopefully I won't get it much wrong from now until end of the season."

Pardew on Garham Carr > "I've been working with him to target right kind of players." Also says scouting missions are underway.

Pardew on Leon Best > "He has a character where he wants to prove people wrong and I like that. So does Joey and Kevin."

Pardew on Enrique and Barton > "They've got one year left. We've got negotiations with both once we're safe."

Pardew on Ben Arfa > "Hatem will be back on Monday morning. Hopefully we'll see him in a #NUFC shirt before the end of the season."

Pardew on S.Ireland > "He's a top player. The sort of player who we can re-charge and re-develop here."

Pardew on new players > "Me, John and Graham have targets. The pool of players - young, of value and in our wage bracket isn't big."

So far > Pardew says owner wants to build the club and accepts there needs to be more communication with fans. Home form a concern.

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