Football Manager on iPhone

Called "Football Manager Handheld 2010", this is one more reason why people will buy the iPhone/iTouch/iPad. This is also why competitors are struggling to come out with anything to compete with the iPhone/iTouch/iPad. Look at how quite it is at the mp3 market, with little news from music player makers like Samsung, Creative or iRiver.

Football Manager, Sega's famous sports strategy sim that's renowned across Europe for being so addictive it destroys marriages, is now available on the iPhone.
Meaning that budding chairmen can now set strategies, trade players and pull their hair out while on the road, and not just in front of their PC. That'll make the missus happy.
Football Manager Handheld 2010, as this version is called, retains most of the features and depth of its desktop big brother, with over 20,000 real players and 34 leagues to choose from.
It's not the sexiest game on the iPhone, but as far as sports sims go it certainly looks to be the most comprehensive on the platform. That depth comes at a price, however, the game tagged at $10 in the US, £7 in the UK, €10 in Europe and $15 in Australia.
From http://kotaku.com/5516673/the-iphone-game-that-will-wreck-marriages 
I like the title of this article, "The iPhone Game That Will Wreck Marriages".

Just imagine, FM2010 on the go, on the train, everywhere. Scary.

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