Yahoo Mail on HTC Desire HD

Having problem connecting HTC Desire HD with Yahoo Mail?

Here's the solution from a forum. Works.

Thanks everybody for the suggestions! After lot of trawling on the net and hours on the phone...I finally made yahoo mail work on Desire.
The following needs to be done:
As Specialjim had advised, I made sure that the POP forwarding was checked in my regular Yahoo account (Not yahoo Plus). This could only be done if you change the preferred location of your yahoo account to Asia! So I changed it to Asia from UK. Apparently POP forwarding is free only if the preferred location on Yahoo Account settings is Asia! Otherwise this is not possible!
Then I put my email address and password in the phone and it automatically set the account! All done! And yes it doesn't matter if the wifi is on or off....as long as you have internet access on the phone.

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