Tokyo Compilation


  • Roppongi Hills and go up to the top of Mori Tower for the Mori Art Museum and the panoramic view of Tokyo.

    I also don't advise Tokyo tower. It's a ripoff!
  • Tsukiji Fish Market is a must-see and make sure you have sushi there (cheap - like $1/piece - and deliciously fresh!).The Tsukiji Fish Market. Go early (like has been said) and head right to the back of the market to see the tuna auction. Then walk your way out past all the stalls and see the wierd stuff for sale. Grab some sushi for a late breakfast at one of the nearby places....freshest you'll ever get.
  • Another must-do is exploring a Japanese department store (like Matsuzakaya in Ginza or Takashimaya in Shinjuku). They're huge and they sell everything. There're lots of cheap places to eat in these department stores, and in and around the major train stations. In addition, don't miss shabu-shabu/sukiyaki (cook-it-yourself thin slices of meat), tempura (set lunches are great value and variety) and teppanyaki (benihana-style, although prices are high especially if you splurge on kobe beef).

    In terms of department stores, I think the one to visit (not necessarily to buy) are the ones in Ginza. They are amazing, make sure you check out the food stores in the department stores. They are really wonderful. Things like fugu sashimi and the ever popular $60 each individually wrapped honeydew melons.
    Ginza. Just look around, particularly at night.
  • Definitely avoid riding the subway/trains during rush hour. It is hard to imagine how uncomfortably packed they can get but just take our word for it!

  • Tokyu hands in the Takeshimaya Times Square is great. They also sell some wonderful book bags/backpacks there at very competative prices. Including some super fashionable Japanese brands like Porter (the Japanese Prada).My very favorite store in Japan is Tokyu Hands. My son and husband love it too. It's filled with so much cool stuff - the little Japanese woodworking tools, robotics kits (much cheaper there than in the US), cool cooking things such as edible 24 kt-gold stars to put on desserts and in drinks. The office supplies department is one of the best. I can easily spend hours there.Tokyu Hands is the best
    In the same neighborhood lots of record stores and the Tokyo Harley Davidson store. Very Expensive T's $55.
    Find a great Korean BBQ.
    Find a great noodle shop in Akasaka.
  • Akihabara is almost mind boggling with the stuff available.Akihabara. Get off the subway at the Akihabara station and follow the signs to "Electric Town" An area full of the latest electronics and parts. A must see..like something out of Blade Runner.

Shinjuku Station.

A sushi conveyor belt bar.

Ueno Park is nice.

Sometimes there are flea markets around the shrines since the Japanese are supposed to pay off their debts at ceratin times....can find some great buys if you look.

try to have shabu shabu if you can. Its boiled beef with vegetables.

Avoid hostess bars. Prices are high, and the hostesses just talk to you.

Don't be intimidated by the food. Try anything once, you don't have to have it again if you don't like it.

Get maps of where you want to go. Tokyo's address system is based on when buildings were built, not where they are. A cab driver may not know how to get to an address without a map.

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