Heartbeats Lady Gaga Earphones. Looks good but how about sound?

The design of this earphone can certainly turn heads just like Lady Gaga. A good quote from Cnet "The Heartbeats are pretty much exactly what you would expect from Lady Gaga: completely over-the-top and stylish to the point of absurdity." Visually, it is one of the best earphones I have ever seen. It is also available in several other colours such as Rose Red, Black Chrome and White Chrome. 

As for sound quality, it seems that this earphones are suited for Lady Gaga's music! Bass lover will love this, as bass is plenty, even overpowering. Since it is from Monster Cable, you can at least rest assure that this is a high-end earphone.

In summary, average users, Lady Gaga fans and functionalist will be delighted with this earphone. Audiophile should probably stay away from this and get something better with more investments. 

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