All I want for Christmas is a Cowon S9!

The temptation is too much. The search for a music player that allows the enjoyment of video during boring times is coming to an end. The Cowon S9 is what I want!

Comparing prices, the iTouch is out of the question. I do believe the iTouch is quite over-priced. Even though some may say the price is justifiable since there are unlimited applications and games to play with. However, I do find most of the game lame, and I am not going to be addicted by lame games!

The Creative Zen XiFi 2 is quite interesting. Quite cheap among most mp3 players with large touch screen. I would have seriously considered this if the price is below S$300. Another reason I am not buying this is because I may be seriously disappointed if a Zii powered Creative music player comes out.

That leaves the Cowon S9. AMOLED screen, superior sound quality of Cowon. Enough said!

Looks like I have to raise some funds for the moment to meet the heavy price tag!


I am going on a new quest to earn money and get the Cowon S9. Since I should be getting this from Amazon, I should find a way to earn Amazon gift certificates or vouchers instead! Maybe it will be easier/harder than earning cash online, but its worth a try!


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