Use Hamachi on Mac Snow Leopard

I was trying to find how to connect to Hamachi using a Mac, and found an excellent guide: http://www.command-tab.com/2008/08/29/how-to-run-hamachi-on-leopard/. I am using the Snow Leopard OSX, so this shows that the Hamachi can still be run on the Mac. Although it is not pretty.

Just a few tips, if you still encounter some problem with the guide (like me).
  • Stuck at the sudo ./usr/sbin/tuncfg part? No fear! Just type "sudo" and space, then drag the tuncfg.exe file into the terminal. It can be found in your hamachi file -> tuncfg file
  • Playing LAN Game and still can't connect with your friends even though you are already inside the network? Try the "hamachi go-online (insert your network)" command a few times.

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