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Looking for the latest online news and gossips of the rather famous/infamous club in the EPL (English Premier League), Newcastle United? Here are some links for all the Magpie fans to enjoy!


1) Official Newcastle United Website (http://www.nufc.co.uk/)

The official website is pretty active, and delievers plenty of news and pictures for Newcastle fans. It is updated regularly with plenty of exclusive photos such as actions on the training grounds, as well as interactions between players. One bad thing about the official website is that there are too many advertisments, as well as many paid services cluttering the webpage.

2) NUFC Blog (http://www.nufcblog.com/)

One of my most favourite blog on the web. It is extremely active and delievers news and rumors daily, with many sources from the English newspaper. This is extremely useful to overseas Newcastle United fans who do not have accesss to the English tabloid papers, which are usually choke full of football rumors and interviews. This blog is defintely the number 1 source for current Newcastle United information. Add to that, the commentry section is very active and some of the members have insider informations of Newcastle United! A must-read for all Newcastle fans!

3) Blog On the Tyne (http://www.blogonthetyne.co.uk/)

Also a blog on Newcastle United, but more of a column with more persoanl views and analysis as compared to gossips and rumors. This blog is also very active, and provides text highlights of matches even from pre-season matches! A very fun blog to read indeed.

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