Music Players of 2010, so far

Ever since the iTouch came, there seems to be less mp3 players around nowadays. This is especially true for 2010. Not a single so-called "iTouch killers" have surfaces this year. Hopefully, more products will come out during the second half of the year. In the meantime, let's see what new products that are already here or coming soon in 2010.

The Zen Style and the Zen Z-fi. More of the same, no ground-breaking technology going on. Just a different design but roughly the same hardware. Disappointing indeed.

The Philip Activa. A sports music player that includes features such as TempoMusic, which matches song with your workout intensity.

Samsung W1 Myfit, another sports music player. Probably the first music player to have built-in fat and stress sensor, and an intergreted accelerometer to calculate the amount of calories burnt during a job.

Cowon J3. Very similar to the Cowon S9 but with a better design and user interface. Expect the same glorious sound quality as of Cowon's flagship S9.

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