New Home Made Kazoku album: Circle

HOME MADE家族 / CIRCLE <2010/3/3>


「YOU ~あなたがそばにいる幸せ~」「Tomorrow featuring 九州男」「L.O.V.E.」他、全14曲収録予定。

初回限定盤は、12月16日に東京・赤坂BLITZにて行なわれた"Tomorrow Release Party"ライブの模様を収録したライブDVD付き。

1. Circleduction
2. L.O.V.E.
3. Family Circuit
4. Oooh Wa!!
5. Tomorrow featuring 九州男... Lihat Selengkapnya
6. Crazy feat. 日之内エミ
7. ムカイカゼ(Album Ver.)
8. Fun House feat. KAME(from KAME & L.N.K), TUT1026, HOZE(from SMELLS GOOD)
9. ハナビラ feat. Yukko from のあのわ
10. スーパーマン
11. ムチャぶりキング feat. SEAMO
12. Looking For You
13. YOU ~あなたがそばにいる幸せ~

CIRCLE, as the album is called, will be the group’s fifth original album and first since HOME, released in October 2008. Among its fourteen tracks, it will feature the singles L.O.V.E. and Tomorrow feat. Kusuo, as well as an album version of Mukaikaze and collaboration songs with rapper SEAMO and singer Yukko, from pop-rock group noanowa.

As for the limited edition of the release, it will come with footage
from the group’s performance at Akasaka BLITZ, in Tokyo, on December 16th last year, held to celebrate the release of their November single Tomorrow feat. Kusuo. To promote the album, HOME MADE Kazokuare also embarking on a new nationwide tour, covering five cities and
seven concerts. The kick-off concert will take place at Zepp Sendai on
April 28th, while the last one will be held at Tokyo JCB HALL on May

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Download link: http://adf.ly/9svk

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